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Where can I find manuals and documentation about the telephone?

The operating instructions and documentation are available on the ZECM website:

How can I make calls?

Internal calls can be dialed directly using the five-digit extension. For external calls an initial "zero" must be added to the telephone number.
Alternatively you can dial the full E164 number:

Example "+49 30    31412345"

How can I log in and out on the phone?

To use your personal number, you need to log on to the phone. Instructions can be found under the menu point "Extension Mobility" on the documentation website.
Permanently assigned functional numbers of a telephone are no longer available after logging in with a personal number.
As soon as the personal number is logged out again, the previously stored functional phone number will appears again on the display.
A permanent assignment of a functional number in addition to the personal number can be requested by an e-mail to support@voip.tu-berlin.de.

Can I see a call log?

You can find the call log by pressing the top of the cursor button or using the buttons on the right side of the display ("Missed Calls").
The call log stores the last 200 calls. Calls are divided into the three categories "Missed Calls", "Received Calls" and "Outgoing Calls".
New missed calls will be shown on the display and listed after pressing the according key.
Detailed instructions for the call list can be found in the under the menu point "Directories -> Call Log" in the documentation tool.

How can I set up my answering machine?

Each personal number will provide an answering machine. You will find the setup instructions in the menu item "access to the voicemail" in the documentation tool.
The answering machine can be switched on and off via the self-administration in the ZECM portal under "My profile" -> "VoIP telephony" -> "Answering machine".
Answering machines for functional numbers must be requested by e-mail to support@voip.tu-berlin.de.

How can I listen to my voice mails ?

Recorded voice messages from missed calls are automatically sent to you by email as MP3 file. Additionally a red lamp at the top of your telephone receiver will light up and a small cassette symbol appears next to your line on the display of the telephone. To listen to your messages on the PC, please open the MP3 file
 in the email. Agree to the read confirmation to mark the message as read on your phone - the red lamp will go out. You can also listen to your voice messages via the telephone by pressing the cassette symbol or by dialing the number 15151. To call your answering machine externally, dial the number "+49 30 314 15151" and follow the instructions in the voice menu.

Which headsets can I use on the phone?

Currently there are no special requirements for headsets. The employee telephone 8851 offers the possibility to connect a USB headset.

How can I change my personal PIN?

To register with your personal phone number on a phone, a PIN is required. You will receive a randomly generated PIN by eMail once your telephone is swapped for a voip device.
This PIN can be changed in your personal ZECM Portal under "My Profile" -> "VoIP Telephony" -> "Change PIN".
The same PIN is also used when accessing your answering machine over the telephone network. You can do this by dialing the phone number "15151" or "+49 30 314 15151" from any device.

How can I adjust the ringtone of my phone?

Ringtones can be adjusted in the telephone settings of your telephone.
Detailed instructions can be found under the menu item "Settings" -> "Change ringtone" in the documentation tool.

How can I customize the wallpaper on the phone?

The background image is fixed and can not be changed.

Can I use video telephony on the phones?

The VoIP phones 8811 and 8851 do not support video telephony.

Which expansion modules can I connect to the telephone?

Up to two expansion modules with 28 fields each can be connected.

How can I configure the speed dial buttons on the phone?

You will find the menu item "directories" in the documentation tool. There are several sections about the configuration and use of speed dial numbers.
You can also set them up comfortable in your online VoIP self-help portal ucm-01.tu-berlin.de/ucmuser. Please log in using your TUBIT credentials. A detailed manual can be found in the documentation tool for the self-help portal under the menu item "Configuring speed dial".

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