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What can I do if the phone keeps registering?

If the phone constantly re-registers there can be the following causes:
A) The network connection is compromised somewhere and data packets get lost. Possible Solution: Try to connect the phone to another network socket that is also prepared for voip use.
If necessary, replace the network cable between the data socket and the telephone. If this does not help, please send us a message to support@voip.tu-berlin.de
B) The telephone has a software issue. Suggested solution: Unplug the cable from the "Network" port of the telephone, wait a few seconds and plug it in again. The phone will restart then.
If this does not help, please send us a message to support@voip.tu-berlin.de.

What can I do if I hear crackling background noises during a call?

Please test whether the noises also appear when using the speaker or calling another conversation partner.
It can occur to have a broken telephone receiver or receiver connection cable. You can get spare parts by sending an e-mail request to support@voip.tu-berlin.de

How do I get a new telephone receiver, handset cable or a whole new telephone ?

You can receive spare parts by sending an e-mail request to support@voip.tu-berlin.de.

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