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The personal FAX number

Important: Personal FAX numbers are only available after your migration to VoIP has been done.

How do I receive a personal fax number?

You will automatically receive your personal FAX number by email after the use voip has been enabled for your account.

What does my personal fax number look like?

The number consists of the country code "+49" for Germany, the area code "30" for Berlin, the TU Berlin prefix "314", the FAX prefix "123" and your personal number.
An example of a complete FAX number: +49 30 314 123 45678.

Why is the personal fax number so long?

Due to the limited numbering space of the TU Berlin, no 5-digit personal FAX numbers can be assigned.
As a result, the longest possible phone number format was chosen with the advantage of your personal FAX number being a composition of the prefix "123" and your personal phone number.

What is the difference between a normal and a personal FAX number?

The personal FAX number is belonging to an individual person. FAXes to this number will automatically be delivered to your personal e-mail inbox.
Normal FAX numbers are linked to physical FAX devices.

How can I send a FAX from my personal FAX number?

Faxversand per Outlook

Create a new e-mail in your e-mail program and address it to an existing FAX number using the format below.
It does not matter if the target is a regular FAX device, an external FAX number or a personal FAX number.

To send a FAX enter the complete call number and the suffix "@fax.tu-berlin.de" as receiver.

TU FAX recipient with a personal FAX number                                 "+4930 314 123    45678    @fax.tu-berlin.de"
TU FAX receiver with physical FAX device (without the fax prefix "123")     "+4930 314         45678    @fax.tu-berlin.de"
External FAX receiver (+49 + phone number without leading "0")                 "+4930        987654321    @fax.tu-berlin.de"

Which e-mail attachments can I fax?

Supported files are .TXT, .RTF and .PDF files. Other file types can cause problems.

How can I test how a FAX with attachments will appear at the recipient?

You can send yourself the fax to your personal FAX number first to check the appearance.

How can I receive a personal FAX?

The sender must dial your personal FAX number in the following format.
TU Intern:                         123 45678
Berlin:                     314 123 45678
Germany:                030 314 123 45678
Worldwide: 0049 or    +49  30    314 123 45678

How do I know that a FAX has been delivered?

Fax Sendebericht

You will receive a transmission report after sending a fax which will typically be in your email inbox within one minute.
The delivery report contains information on the successful or unsuccessful delivery of the fax.

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