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Can I keep my telephone number ?

Normally every employee will keep his old telephone number.

There will be a few special cases:

1. some employees share a number and each will get a new number assigned
2. secretaries will get a personal number in addition
3. student assistants will get their new own personal numbers
4. laboratories and workshops

Who can use the VoIP telephone system?

All employees of the Technical University of Berlin who have already been migrated can use VoIP.

How do I get access?

Employees will be migrated during the VoIP project and will get their access data within this process.

What is the difference between a personal phone and a functional phone?

Telephones can be used by individual persons or just for general functions.
For personal use (e.g. a personal telephone directly at the workplace) the employee logs on to the telephone with his personal account and PIN.
Functional telephones are used in areas where they can provide communication for a variety of users (e.g. in laboratories).
In addition, it is possible to provide functional numbers to a personal telephone as an additional telephone number (e.g. secretary number).

How do I get a telephone?

You will get your telephone during the VoIP rollout. Furthermore, there will later be the possibilty to order devices.

What is direct outward dialing?

The direct outward dialing is an authorization level in telephone systems. A user with direct outward dialing permission can call external numbers. Other users can only have internal telephone calls.

What are the direct outward dialing levels and how can I change them?

Each personal telephone number will get the same authorization level from the previously used system.
The change of an direct outward dialing level must be ordered by the responsible administrative director via an eMail to support@voip.tu-berlin.de.

Possible direct outward dialing level:
Internal         (TU Berlin)
National         (GER) + mobile

How can I set up a call diversion?

A call diversion can be set up directly on your VoIP telephone. You also have the possibility to set up, change or deactivate a call forwarding for your telephone from outside the TU Berlin and at any time. Therefor please use the point VoIP telephony in your personal TU Berlin profile (Personal Data -> My Profile).

How can I set up call forwarding to mobile phones or landline numbers?

It is already possible to forward calls to mobile phones and landline numbers in the area of Berlin if you use your personal telephone number.
An international call forward can be requested for special cases.
Please note that a call diversion to a number which is not within the range of TU Berlin will arise costs for the TU Berlin.

Is there a way to use Call by Call?

Call by Call is not supported.

How will a relocation of a telephone work?

When moving to another office within the university, the phone must be taken with you. Please ensure the new workplace is already prepared for the use of VoIP.
Once the phone is properly connected, the LEDs or the display will light up. If the phone can not be taken with you, please contact the ZECM VoIP team to find a solution.

How can I change my display name?

The display name of personal numbers is automatically generated from the data provided to the personnel center.
Changes in names need to be reported to the personnel office. As soon as the changeover has taken place, ZECM can adjust your display name.

Can I transfer an existing personal number?

Personal numbers of former employees can not be transferred. These telephone numbers must "rest" for 6 months for reasons of data protection. After this period, a reassignment will be carried out.

What does it mean if the extension begins with +4930314190?

Those telephones have no personal or functional telephone number logged in. They can be used for internal and emergency calls.
Employees of the University of Berlin can log in on the phone with their personal number an PIN.

Can I still make a call if my account was blocked?

Your personal number will not be affected by an account block, but you will not be able to change the phone settings in your online portal.

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